Cat Behavior 
  Solving your cat's behavior problems

and restoring harmony to your home 

Purrfect Endings

Sue K

Mary K.

Dee Dee W.

Opal was  jumping out and attacking my feet and biting them at night when I was trying to sleep.  She would also bite me sometimes when I petted her . Katie told me she was attacking my feet because she wanted to play and helped me find ways to get her to play and wear her down before bedtime.  She also told me that some cats  act out when they are petted too much. She told me how to tell  when Opal is getting upset with my petting and when to stop.  We are both sleeping much better and I know when to stop petting her before she bites me.  She seems much happier to sit by me and hasn't bit me again.
When I adopted Bud from a shelter, I knew his previous family wasn't very nice to him. When I brought him home, he hid under the bed and I wasn't able to get him out and he didn't seem to like me.  I didn't want to return him, but I didn't know how to get him out. (he'd been there for 2 weeks)  Katie gave me some handouts and  told me ways  to build his confidence and make him feel safe.  It turns out that he loved to play and he no longer hiding in a few days. He is now a lap cat and loves to be around people.
Kramer was an affectionate cat who got along fine with his cat brother and sister.  One day he just started fighting with them and they  started  hiding from him. After talking with Katie, I found out that he was upset with some feral cats who were hanging out in my backyard.  I made a few changes in my house like blocking the window so he couldn't see out and changed the time I fed them. I took her advice and worked on getting Kramer and his siblings back to being friends.

Cindy H

Allison H

Angie F

I have 2 old cats and we lived in the same home their entire life.  I was downsizing and moving out of state.  I wanted to know how to make them  comfortable during the move and how to help them get used to their new home.  I got lots of ideas about getting them used to their carriers and about giving them a safe place to start out  in the new house.  The move went very well and they like their new home. I could tell she loved older cats and she sent me stuff on how to care for cats as they got older.  I wish I lived closer so I could take her massage class.
My cat Girly Girl was peeing and pooping on my floors . I was really upset and took one of Katie's litterbox classes and I got to talk with her after the class.  We talked for a long time and ruled out reasons why Girly Girl was doing this. She said she thought the problem might be because Girly Girl was afraid to walk past my other cat to get to the litterbox.  I  added another litter box  and put it in the gameroom.  I couldn't believe it worked and it was that easy.  Katie has the patience of a saint. She was very understanding and didn't laugh at me when I started crying.  I thank her her a million times! 
I adopted a new kitten and was having a lot of problems with him crying at night, jumping on the table,scratching my carpets, and annoying my other cats.  Katie helped me with all those things and helped me teach him good manners.  I hadn't had a kitten in along time and forgot how much trouble they could get into.  I was spraying him with water and at my wits end. She gave me a lot of good articles and handouts and taught me how to get him to stop  doing that stuff by using treats and playing with him and not spraying him.  We had  lot of good laughs too.